Was ist im jeweiligen Package enthalten?

Page content S M L Notes
Language German German + English German + English We receive the texts in the respective languages from you. We are also able to offer translation, if you would also like versions in other languages such as French, Spanish, Italian,Russian, Chinese or Arabic.
Title page Häkchen Häkchen Häkchen We receive a cover picture from you which will represent your destination.
Instruction manual Häkchen Häkchen Häkchen We create intuitive how-to page for instruction to use the app.
Table of content Häkchen Häkchen Häkchen A table of contents with direct links is included in the layout.
Photo gallery Häkchen Häkchen Häkchen A selection of 6 pictures of your own choice.
Brief introduction Häkchen Häkchen Häkchen
We receive a short draft text from you about your destination, including directions, history, etc.
Category headings 20 40 60 You determine the content. Categories such as sights, history, activities, events, cuisine, local products, etc.
Amount of text per page (max. characters) 500 1,000 1,500 A larger amount of text is possible according to agreement.
Pages for refinancing 5 10 15 You can use these pages to refinance the costs.
Social media Häkchen Häkchen Häkchen We integrate social networks.
Memory game Häkchen Häkchen Häkchen You receive a memory game with pictures of your destination from us.
Additional gamification pages 0 2 5 For example with wiping effects, 360-degree rotation, writing and drawing, matching game, etc.
Your website Häkchen Häkchen Häkchen Direct link to your website. Up-to-date content is viewable when connected to the internet.
Map of the town Häkchen Häkchen Häkchen We receive a licensed map of the town from you which we include in the app.
Map of the region Häkchen Häkchen Häkchen We receive a licensed map of the region from you and which we include in the app.
Audio language guide Häkchen Häkchen Häkchen You receive an audio language guide containing words and phrases in your official language from us.
Company details Häkchen Häkchen Häkchen We compile the legal notice and company details with your data and up to 3 links.


Store S M L Explanation
Apple App Store Häkchen Häkchen Häkchen Publication as iPad and iPhone app (iPhone version is only in conjunction with the iPad version, and as a single-issue app).
Google Play Häkchen Häkchen Häkchen Only as tablet app (a smartphone version in under way).
Amazon Kreuz Kreuz Häkchen Publication on Kindle devices.
WebViewer Kreuz Häkchen Häkchen Publication of the app through a web browser, however may have limited amount of content.