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(Ambiente Mediterran)

Travel Appetizer Ambiente mediterran App / Italien Special from Travel Appetizer on Vimeo.

Appetizer App: Pack L

The full package: Here you get all our interactive features and multimedia possibilities to fully captivate and inspire your target audience.

We deliver the entire creation of your app, as well as the following elements:

  • An interactive mini-vocabulary page with a selection of important words and audio-files for the pronunciation.
  • A memory game with your pictures; a playful way to get to know your travel destination.
  • A page with recommendations on current and available guide books, including links to publishing houses and online shops.
  • A proven and intuitive user interface.
  • An index table with overview of all the included pages.
  • A „return“ button.
  • The possibility to share your content via social networks.
  • Placement and positioning in the Apple app store.

From you we will need the following elements:

  • A significant photo for the cover, which will also serve as App icon.
  • Your text, describing your destination in a brief way, including the main sights and characteristics.
  • The main sights to visit and learn about.
  • A description and explanation of how to get there (please see our template).
  • A total of 60 significant photos of the main sites, cultural aspects, activities, events, culinary specialties, main historical elements and typical products from the region.
  • A short description accompanying each photo.
  • A city map of your destination.
  • A map of the region.
  • The URL of your website Web with information about current events and booking possibilities. We then integrate the webpage so that you can access the content at any time when connected to the internet.

Naturally, you can add additional content to your app such as new pages, interactive elements and multimedia content.

To do so, please simply ask us for a quote.

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