Your tourist brochure as an app for tablets with gamification-elements: Awaken a desire for your destination and inspire your guests – multimedia, interactive and playful!

In contrast to traditional travel guide-apps with impersonal-mundane photo and text elements, the Travel Appetizer apps utilise specific potentialities of tablets and their worldwide distribution via the app stores enables you to enter new market sources and to enthuse a particular type of guest, leaving a lasting impression.

  • With an integrated game or quiz, with films, sounds, noise and speech
  • With playful elements such as rubbing away, 360-degree rotations, writing and drawing and to and fro movement
  • With large, pin-sharp pictures and video material
  • With clearer intuitive navigation and service through approved Adobe-Software-Features
  • With direct shopping and booking options
  • Content is always up-to-date through a connection to your website
  • For iPad and android tablets
  • No binding contract, no additional costs

Please choose one of our three Packs:

Paket S, das Profi-Einsteigerpaket für kleinere Tourismusverbände

The starter package for small tourism organizations
Perfect for smaller tourism organizations or associations as a starter package and to be present in the App Stores.
Pack S

The comprehensive package with lots of extras options
For larger destinations or regions, this package allows you to have more pictures and pages, more text and video material, and more sophisticated interactive features!
Pack M

Travel-Appetizer Package-l

Allows you to exhaust all possibilities!
The full package will allow you to fully captivate, inspire and immerse your future holiday guests in your destination!
Pack L

Download a sample app here! S pack (Beaucaire – Travel Appetizer)

Download a sample app here! M pack (Nîmes – Travel Appetizer)

Download a sample app here! L pack (Ambiente Mediterran)